How to Choose Your Tattoo Artist?

Here are some tips that could help you choose the most suitable artist for you, so that your first tattooing experience is positive and the tattoo itself is created with quality.



1. Check The Artist’s Portfolio


Before making an appointment, check the artist’s portfolio on social media and choose those artists whose work style matches the style you have chosen for yourself. Make sure that the published works are indeed his/her own. There is a belief that if an artist’s portfolio has many good works, it means that this artist can tattoo anything, but that’s not necessarily true. If among the artist’s pictures you see many graphic works with fine lines and no works depicting realism, then booking an appointment to tattoo a realistic portrait with such an artist would be a big mistake.



2. Get In Touch with The Artist


Before setting and appointment have a consultation with the artist. In this conversation, you can ask all the questions that interest you, receive recommendations for choosing a design, and familiarize yourself with the specific steps of the artist’s work process. This conversation will help you judge the artist’s competence, personality, and understand whether you are being listened to and whether it is comfortable to work together.



3. Research Whether The Studio Follows Hygiene Requirements


Before entrusting your body to the artist, make sure that the tattoo studio follows all hygiene standards, the artist works with sterile equipment, and provides a clean working environment. The studio itself should be clean, well-maintained, and there should be no ink stains on the floor or other places. Your health is a priority, so don’t take any risks with it.



4. Trust Your Intuition


If you know clearly how to recognize good portfolio work from bad and the only difficulty in your choice is deciding which of all the best and most suitable artists to choose from – listen to your inner voice. If you feel comfortable communicating, your opinion is listened to, and you feel trust after speaking with artist – this is the best indicator that you have found your ideal tattoo artist.


Remember that the tattoo will stay with you for a lifetime, so take the time to carefully choose your tattoo artist, who will help make this experience unforgettable and special.



Your Rebel Tattoo team